Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Throw kind words around like confetti

Mini update with random pictures -


The day I met apple mini to catch up - we have the cutest clique name hahaha. The highly raved bingsu was such a disappointment, over priced and doesn't even taste as good as an ice kachang. LOL. Mookata was really satisfying, though. I always go to the same mookata place in Golden Mille cuz that's the best one I've ever tried.


Liliputt with Nick! Been wanting to visit the place since I was 15 but never got a chance to even though I live within walking distance to Big Splash. T'was fun competing who is better at golf, although there wasn't a winner because I just skipped some of the obstacles to try out the cooler ones. There is even a mini cable car and train to transport our ball! Felt like a kid again when we were there. Haha.


Received our corporate photos that we took in the office early February, when I still had my green algae hair. There are a lot more but those were used to hang up on the walls, not sure where the soft copies for those were stored. All of us look so happy in the group photo - joining OMD has really been one of the best things that happened to me :')


Went to watch Sleeping Beauty on ice at MBS last Thursday, thanks to invites from Base Entertainment. Pictures were forbidden but I managed to sneak a (rather blurry) shot. My first time watching a musical on ice and woah the level of their stunts is incredible!! It's like ice skating, gymnastics, dance and cheerleading combined into one. Everyone was in awe. I'll probably go for disney on ice if they do come to Singapore next year!

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