Thursday, January 14, 2016

Laser tag


Last weekend was spent with my homies at Tag Team! Super convenient for a few of us cuz it's located at East Coast Park, walking distance form Parkway Parade via underpass. Experienced real life counter strike which was really intense cuz we played the adult version. Every single time we die we have to run back to our base to re-spon on our own. This enables the enemy team to sneak up on us. There are 2 sensors on our vests and 1 sensor on the gun so it's quite easy to hit the target as well. Just 15 minutes into the game and we were already perspiring like crazy. So much fun!!!

We then switched to the aircon room, also known as the kids version. The gun was a lot smaller (pistol size) and easier to use, there is a facilitator for each team to help re-spon and there's a shield function on the gun to reduce damage. Less exciting but hey at least there's aircon and music. Plus the lights were switched off for this one since it's an enclosed room. I actually preferred the kids one cuz it's in the dark with music. Also because I am horrible at laser tag. Hahaha. Before leaving for dinner at Katong, we gave archery a try! Need more days like these :)

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