Saturday, July 02, 2016

We don't talk anymore


Kuala Lumpur (11-13 June)

That's the theme song for our KL trip. Stupid Tw played it continuously on the first day and then we tried to ban him from playing it but it was already stuck in our heads. Whenever we were doing something one of us would sing "we don't talk anymore" (yes only that line cuz we can't remember the rest of the song LOL) and everyone else will repeat that line. This happened throughout the entire trip, thus making it our theme song.

T'was my first time at Sunway Lagoon and their rides are honestly really good, especially the water rides!! One of the land rides - the pirate ship - nearly killed us. We thought it was a kiddy ride and we happily went on it while holding our phones, maps, GoPro cameras, etc. Halfway into the ride it did a few 360 degree turns and everything nearly fell out of our hands. It was crazy. Everyone was shouting, Lijia was crying, I was clinging on to the GoPro with my dear life. Hahahaha.

All in all the food was good, the city was boring but the company was what made the trip a perfect one. Would've been even better if the rest of the clique could make it. We need to relive last year's Batam trip!


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