Hello, my name is Celine ◠‿◠
My friends call me Cel. (Pronounced as "sell")
I am probably the most straightforward, unglamorous, self loathing person you'll ever meet.

I dislike all things girly and I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and The Script, love reading fiction books and I have a bucket list stored somewhere in my room - think skydiving, foam parties and seeing the Northern Lights.

This is a lifestyle blog mainly consisting of the 3 Fs - Food, Fashion & Fun. Not forgetting the occasional movie reviews, travelogues, personal thoughts, videos, tutorials and the likes.

I created this blog for me to keep track of my life, to look back and laugh at myself when I am much older. I'm extremely interested in photography, which is also one of the reasons for maintaining this space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with "secretnudges"?

A nudge means to prod someone gently with your elbow. Well, I used to do that with my friends especially when someone we didn't particularly fancy said something stupid or if we both knew a secret and someone who didn't know happened to mention something related to it. So one day I was spacing out during class (I do that a lot) and it suddenly dawned on me that secretnudges sounded pretty catchy!

Are you still studying?

Nope, I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in October 2013.

What are you currently doing?

Working full time as a Media Executive.

What camera are you using?

Canon 600D

When is your birthday?

9 November

What is your height / weight?

157cm / 47kg

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